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The Dublin Community Recreation Center is now being powered more efficiently thanks to a new combined heat and power system co-developed by Hull & Associates, Inc. and IGS Generation. 
Hull developed a cutting-edge Landfill Gas-to-Energy system for the Hardy Road Landfill in Akron, Ohio. The system harnesses waste gas (methane) from the landfill and transports it to a sewage plant, where a "lean burn" engine compresses it for beneficial reuse. This innovation not only significantly reduces the environmental impact of the landfill but also saves the City up to $50,000 in utility costs each year.
Hull teamed with Pilkington North America to develop a groundbreaking solar photovoltaic energy facility on an industrial brownfield site in Toledo, Ohio. Hull's creative combination of remedial action and alternative energy development restored value to the idle property, transforming it into the largest private-sector, behind-the-meter renewable energy project in Ohio.
Hull developed and installed a unique solar photovoltaic energy facility at the site of its Cleveland-area office in Bedford, Ohio. Formerly the home of the vacant S.K. Wellman industrial facility, the site now houses a 19,000 square foot office development and a 93 kW solar array capable of offsetting about 80 percent of the Hull office's annual electric consumption.