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HARDY ROAD LANDFILL | Gas-to-Energy Project | Akron, OH
Hull & Associates, Inc. developed an innovative Landfill Gas-to-Energy (LFG) system for the Hardy Road Landfill in Akron, Ohio. The system harnesses waste gas (methane) from the landfill and transports it to a sewage plant, where it now powers an engine capable of producing enough energy to power 700 to 800 homes every year.
Prior to the installation of the LFG system, methane gas was collected and burned.  The new system dries, filters, and compresses the gas for beneficial reuse, cutting greenhouse gas emissions from the landfill by the equivalent of removing 9,111 passenger cars from the road each year.
The LFG system offers substantial economic benefits as well.  The new Waukesha 1000 APG Enginator, which features cutting-edge "lean burn" technology, is capable of producing 8,600 megawatt hours of sustainable energy each year.  This City has recently begun using this energy to partially power its wastewater treatment plant.  The LFG system, in combination with a proposed anaerobic digester at a nearby composting plant, could provide 95% of the two plants' energy needs, saving the City $50,000 in utility costs each year.
Hull's innovative waste-to-energy solution also advances the Greenprint for Akron, the City's sustainability and climate action plan.
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