By Mark Zakrzewski, ASP, CPG  |   September 4th, 2015
memorial day warning yellow jacket season
The cold winter and wet spring we experienced this year has been beneficial to yellow jackets, whose numbers are up and the size of nests are larger than average.
With the Labor Day weekend coming up it's important to note that yellow jackets are attracted to animal protein and will see your holiday weekend cookout as an invitation.  Be on the lookout.  If you spot yellow jacket activity you can use a commercial yellow jacket trap baited daily with fresh meat or synthetic attractant .
These work quite well if enough are used (4 per average-sized yard).  If you see a nest, stay well away from it to avoid aggravating the insects and triggering an attack.
Yellow jackets are much more aggressive than hornets but both are very protective of their nests. Mere vibrations from nearby foot traffic can cause an attack. The colony becomes more aggressive as it grows and this is why the majority of problems occur in late summer.
When you are outdoors over the next month or two, be sure to take a few seconds to look around for any wasps, hornets or yellow jackets that fly by and watch where they are headed.  This may reveal a nearby nest, an area to avoid for sure! 
Mark Zakrzewski, ASP, CPG, Health and Safety Officer
Mark is  Hull’s Corporate Health and Safety Officer.  Mark has been with Hull since 1991 and is an Associate Safety Professional through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals and a Certified Professional Geologist through the American Institute of Professional Geologists.   
Mark holds both Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Geology, with emphasis in Geophysics, from the University of Toledo and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix. 
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