By Mark Schmidt, PG  |   October 7th, 2015
Earlier this summer, the Ohio Legislature and Governor John Kasich approved House Bill 64, the state budget bill, which includes a new $20 million fund dedicated to cleaning up former and abandoned gas station sites around Ohio. The fund is built into the annual operating budget for the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA), which will oversee the new Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant Program.
The program is targeted at helping communities, developers, and eligible property owners address “Class C release” sites, with more than 400 Class C properties currently listed throughout Ohio. ODSA is currently developing the grant application, which is expected to be released later this fall.
These new grant funds can be used at Class C sites to:
  • Conduct up to $100,000 in environmental site assessment activities; and
  • Complete up to $500,000 of site remediation or cleanup activities.
To be eligible for the program, the property must be a Class C site (meaning the state has certified that the responsible party is incapable of completing assessment and cleanup of the site), and the applicant for funds cannot have caused or be a contributing party to the contamination at the property. Eligible applicants include municipalities and other political subdivisions, as well as organizations that enter into redevelopment agreements with a political subdivision. Once available, completed applications will be submitted directly to ODSA and reviewed by the agency upon receipt.
Now is the time to take stock of eligible Class C sites in your community. Let HULL help you plan your next redevelopment project!
Mark Schmidt, PG, Senior Project Manager
Mark is a Professional Geologist with 24 years of experience conducting and managing environmental investigations and corrective actions at petroleum release sites, including retail sites, refinery, terminal, and pipeline facilities. He specializes in assessment, risk-based corrective action, and remediation of petroleum underground storage tank sites, and has provided project management and technical assistance at more than 200 retail sites in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Mark holds a Master’s of Science and a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Kent State University.
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