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Contact: James G. Roberts, PE | (740)344-5451 | jroberts@hullinc.com
Jobes Henderson & Associates (JHA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hull, is ODOT Prequalified for Bridge Design Level 1.1/1.2 and Level 2. JHA also has Level 1 Bridge Inspection and have three engineers experienced with bridge design and inspections, offering you over 40 years of experience. 
JHA's Bridge staff has handled projects ranging from standard bridge replacements to those with construction costs in excess of $40 million dollars. Our experience includes inspection, rehabilitation and design of a wide range of structures. Our engineers have provided in-depth inspections of major bridges, including steel and concrete girder, open spandrel and earth filled concrete arch, steel arch, lift and bascule, through and deck trusses, suspension, and railroad bridges. Their experience in bridge rehabilitation includes steel girder, concrete arch, steel truss, and timber truss covered bridges. Many of these rehabilitations were on historic structures requiring special attention to existing structure character, details and construction methods. Our experience in bridge design includes type studies, standard ODOT design of simple and complex structures, major river crossing trusses, and unique and signature structures with major attention to aesthetics. 
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