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GRAND RIVER | Streambank Restoration | Lake County, OH
Hull is proud to have been instrumental in the creation of Lakeview Bluffs, a groundbreaking project located on the shores of Lake Erie and the banks of the Grand River.  A former industrial brownfield, the 1,100-acre site is being redeveloped to include luxury housing, a world-class golf-course, and other upscale amenities. Hull's involvement in the project is extensive and included streambank restoration on a challenging stretch of the Grand River.
The banks of the Grand River, a state-designated Wild and Scenic River in northeast Ohio's Lake County, are naturally steep. However, the manmade banks within Hull's 3,100-foot project reach were markedly steeper and consisted of 20-foot tall clay dike walls with a slope of 1.5:1 (H:V). These banks were created almost a century ago to hold process residuals from Solvay soda ash manufacturing.
Hull replaced the existing banks with less steep, more stable slopes and native vegetation typical of the Grand River corridor.  The restoration also incorporated a bench for improved slope stability; this bench will serve as a future walking path that increases public access to the Grand River's beautiful scenery and extraordinary steelhead trout fishery.
Hull completed the engineering design effort and coordinated with the developer and construction contractor to implement the development plan, including streambank improvements achieved through site grading and other measures.  Our multidisciplinary approach effectively addressed the need for a stable slope while enhancing the river corridor and returning the reach to a more natural state. Naturalizing the artificial streambank and incorporating public access significantly increased the value and health of the area and will help the former industrial site find new life as a mixed-use development.