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February 2017
The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is in the beginning stages of replacing the Interstate 71/75 Brent Spence Bridge over the Ohio River in Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio. The interstate highway bridge was built in 1963 and is carrying twice its original capacity. There are no shoulders on the bridge and the lanes are too narrow for today's traffic. It is the major cause of delays on I-75 and the site of numerous fatal auto accidents. The FHWA ranks it as the 15th worst bridge in the country.  This project is #2 on President Trump's priority list of Emergency and National Security projects.
Under an existing ODOT Statewide Environmental Task Order held by Hull & Associates, Inc., we were tasked with evaluating potential environmental issues associated with a portion of the Duke Energy property located within the expansion footprint for the relocated bridge and highway expansion project.  The Duke Energy property occupies a former manufactured gas plant and substation.  ODOT is interested in acquiring a portion of the Property as part of the HAM-71/75 Brent-Spence bridge replacement project. The Phase I Property Assessment and Initial Statement of Work will be performed in accordance with Ohio's VAP rules for Phase I Property Assessments codified in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3745-300.  The purpose of a Phase I Property Assessment under the Ohio VAP is to determine whether there is any reason to believe that a release of hazardous substances or petroleum has or may have occurred on, underlying, or is emanating from a property including any release from management, handling, treatment, storage, or disposal activities from on or off-property activities.  A Phase I Property Assessment is performed to characterize a property for the purposes of participation in the Ohio VAP.