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Ohio EPA Issues Environmental Covenant For Wright Brother's Historic Site
Home Avenue Redevelopment, LLC and the City of Dayton received a covenant not to sue under Ohio EPA's Voluntary Action Program (VAP) after investigating and remediating the historic property that was once home to The Wright Company, where Orville and Wilbur Wright designed a number of airplane types and indeed constructed more than 120 airplanes for sale.
The original property featured two actual factories that the Wright's used to build airplanes and related components beginning in 1909.  A further three buildings were built as part of the original factory complex and then in 1919, the facility was sold to General Motors for the purposes of manufacturing aircraft and automotive components.  Under the GM and eventually the Delphi banner, the facility grew to encompass more than 20 buildings on the 54-acre Home Avenue site.
The Delphi plant was closed in 2008 and in 2012 the City of Dayton received a Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund grant to facilitate the remediation assessment and subsequent clean-up of areas of environmental concern.  The demolition of the plant was completed in 2013 and the extensive remediation work performed to the standards developed by the Ohio EPA, were completed by Hull & Associates, Inc. as the site underwent considerable work including excavating and disposing of contaminated soil, removing asbestos from buildings before they were demolished and engineering controls including maintenance of sub-slab depressurization systems to mitigate vapors in off-site residences. By creating Home Avenue Redevelopment, LLC, Hull was instrumental in developing the Clean Ohio project by negotiating and executing the property transaction with Delphi.
For many years, the existence of these structures had been lost as the buildings had been completely obscured from public view as the Delphi plant grew.  With the remediation complete, aviation enthusiasts and the public can once again marvel at this historic location where the Wright Brothers opened up the era of aviation to the world at large.  The U.S. National Park Service has expressed interest in the property with the intention of integrating it into the existing Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park but haven't yet cleared Congressional funding to preserve this important landmark in United States history.
A covenant not to sue protects the property owner or operator and future owners from being legally responsible to the State of Ohio for further environmental investigation and remediation relating to known releases.  The protection applies only when the property is used and maintained according to the terms and conditions of the covenant. 
In the 22 years since Ohio EPA issued the first covenant not to sue under the VAP program, more than 12,300 acres of blighted land have been revitalized at more than 570 sites across the state. 
For more information on the Wright Brothers Home Avenue site, please contact Brad White, Ph.D. at 513-459-9677. For further information from the Ohio EPA, please contact Dina Pierce 614-644-2160
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