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Hull is a recognized industry expert in brownfields redevelopment and alternative energy project development.  We develop, own, and operate a diversified portfolio of brownfields real estate and energy projects for municipal, commercial, and industrial clients – and even take on some of the project risk ourselves through equity investments and alternate contract strategies.  At Hull, we take this commitment seriously and look to build long-lasting partnerships with the businesses and in the communities in which we work.  In fact, we believe so strongly in this commitment to excellence that we've taken an ownership interest in a number of brownfield redevelopment and alternative energy projects, and have even built Hull offices and energy projects on brownfields that we've revitalized.
Hull is always looking for new project development opportunities. For more information on these services, please click the links below:  
Contact: Brad White, Ph.D, PG | 513.459.9677 | bwhite@hullinc.com
Contact: Steve Giles | 614.793.8777 | sgiles@hullinc.com