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DIESEL FUEL RELEASE RAPID RESPONSE | Marcellus Gas Well Pad | Southwestern Pennsylvania
Hull provided emergency services in response to a diesel fuel release that occurred during drilling operations for the construction of a gas well in the Marcellus Shale.  We oversaw soil excavation and removal activities; interacted with representatives from the drilling company, gas producer, and insurance company; worked with the insurance company to define objective screening levels for the soil impacted with diesel fuel; and initiated correlation of field screening measurement with laboratory analytical data.    Hull additionally worked with drilling company's EH&S personnel to assess the lateral and vertical extent of the diesel release and participated in discussions with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's Bureau of Oil and Gas Management to help determine the best remedial approach.
Hull understands that immediate, reliable action is crucial during an emergency spill response operation. That's why Hull we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to handle spills and leaks. Upon notification, we immediately mobilize personnel and equipment, sending a team of expert consultants, geologists, engineers, and technicians to the site. All of our on-site personnel have extensive training in emergency response, beginning with the federally mandated Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (HAZWOPER) training courses. Hull specializes in responding to:
  • Spills from accidents involving tanker trucks or pipelines;
  • Underground storage tanks;
  • Home fuel oil delivery spills; and
  • Plant or refinery emergencies that involve spills or pipeline and tank failures.
We have helped a wide range of clients respond to spills at oil refineries, retail gasoline stations, bulk storage facilities, oil terminal facilities, highway tanker accidents and leaks, tank failures, and residential and commercial tank overfilling incidents.  Our menu of services includes:
  • On-site project management and contractor coordination;
  • Health and safety plans;
  • Spill control;
  • Waste disposal coordination;
  • Directing and coordinating boom placement;
  • Interim remedial system design, installation and operation;
  • Decontamination;
  • Spill activity reports;
  • Site investigation;
  • Incident investigation;
  • Liaising between agency officials and clients; and
  • Agency reports and records.