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Waste Management
Making molehills out of mountains
Contact: Brad White | 614.793.8777 | bwhite@hullinc.com
Hull has been providing innovative and sustainable waste management solutions for over 30 years. We have helped permit, build, expand, and close more than 120 landfills. Hull leverages expertise in environmental compliance, urban redevelopment, land use, and alternative energy to develop strategies that minimize waste generation, beneficially reuse waste, and identify responsible, efficient management strategies for residuals.
Our waste management strategies allow for variability in waste flows, market needs, and stakeholder concerns while respecting project-specific physical, fiscal, and environmental constraints. We identify holistic solutions that simultaneously satisfy multiple business and public objectives.
Hull has played an integral role in the development and implementation of current waste management policies and related technology. We understand the economic complexities of the waste management market and work with clients to respond quickly to shifts in the technological and political climate.
Examples of Hull's waste management work include: