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Hull worked with the Toledo Harbor Task Force to create a consensus-based sediment management and use strategy for the bustling Port of Toledo. Our challenge was to define a more sustainable solution to balance fiscal, social, and environmental concerns. After a thorough evaluation, we proposed a combination of actions: wetland restoration and shoreline protection, agricultural improvements, open-lake placement with controls, and beneficial use.
Hull was secured to provide permitting and technical assistance to clients in the waste and shale gas industry to beneficially reuse oil and gas wastewater from wells producing from the Marcellus Shale. The technology chosen to treat the oil and gas wastewater prior to beneficial reuse consisted of a zero-liquid discharge concentrator (LM-HT® Produced Water Concentrator) designed and developed by Heartland Technology Partners, LLC (LM-HT® is a registered trademark owned by Heartland Technology Partners, LLC).
Hull worked with the City of Toledo to manage all aspects of environmental compliance associated with groundwater monitoring at the Hoffman Road Landfill. Our comprehensive services included the preparation and implementation of a detection monitoring sampling and analysis plan, negotiations with the EPA on behalf of the City, detailed evaluations of the facility focused on identifying opportunities for increased efficiency. Hull helped the City save significant money, control the environmental impacts of the landfill, and explore opportunities for a potential innovative gas to energy system.