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AquaBlok, Ltd. is an independently owned, privately held manufacturing company based in Northwest Ohio.  Founded by civil and environmental engineers and scientists, it is backed by decades of experience in coating technologies and environmental remediation.  AquaBlok’s patented composite particle design is simple in concept: A coating of fine-grained powders is applied to a stone aggregate or other core material.  Typically, these powdered materials are bentonite, modified minerals, or active amendments.  In addition to our standard product formulations, AquaBlok can manufacture customized products to incorporate other proprietary amendments or composite particle attributes to meet site-specific conditions and challenges. From low-permeability sealing to treatment-specific formulations, our products are widely adaptable to environmental-remedial engineering applications. AquaBlok has a variety of products:

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Due to its reliably low permeability, structural stability, and ability to self-compact, AquaBlok can be used in a wide range of circumstances — specifically as a means to “blok” the movement of water (or when custom formulated, waterborne contamination).

AquaGate+ enables cost-effective in-situ treatment and Active Capping of contaminated sediments.  Our materials improve remediation outcomes and are shown to reduce the cost of delivering amendment materials in aquatic settings.  We offer a number of AquaGate+ formulations to address your specific project.  Please contact us via the information below to discuss further options.

Submerseed is a versatile, cost-effective alternative to promote the establishment of beneficial vegetative growth in and around wetland and aquatic systems.  Submerseed particles serve as reliable vectors, delivering discrete packets of valuable seed to the location where they are intended to germinate and grow.

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The Hull Risk Analysis Center (HullRAC) is a multidisciplinary center for excellence in risk analysis comprised of scientists and engineers working together to analyze human, ecological, technological, and financial risks.  The HullRAC team includes highly-experienced, credentialed, and recognized professionals in:

  • Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Exposure Assessment
  • Environmental Fate and Transport Modeling
  • Toxicology and Pharmacology
  • In vivo and in vitro Bio-availability Studies
  • Radiological Risk Assessment
  • Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Risk-based Decision Analysis
  • Systems Failure and Accident Analysis
  • Analysis of Uncertainty and Variability
  • Environmental Liability Analysis (Financial Risk)
  • Risk-Based Policy Analysis

HullRAC experts apply these methods to support real-world decisions, primarily for the private sector.  In addition, our experts have been actively involved with the development of national and state rules, standards, guidance and policies involving risk analysis, and risk-based approaches.  They have provided expert reports, opinions, depositions, and testimony.

Led by Ed Pfau, M.S., the HullRAC group can provide a litany of important services with a high degree of competency and confidentiality.

Ed Pfau, M.S.