Our Core Values

As a leader in the environmental and engineering consulting industry, Hull is committed to complying with pertinent environmental laws and regulations in the countries, states, cities and communities where we do business, and we endeavor to ensure our teaming partners do so as well.

As a company, we incorporate responsible sustainability practices as part of our daily work habits in our offices and while performing work in the field. Together with our clients and employees, we strive to continually improve our corporate environmental stewardship and awareness in every facet of our business. These commitments are directly reflected in our corporate core values, which are an integral part of our culture.

Our core values are:

Safety & Wellness

We instill and maintain a disciplined approach to safety throughout our organization and in all aspects of our work.  We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment through training, communication, incentives and wellness programs.  We also challenge our employees to take ownership of our strong personal wellness programs one step further by incorporating this into every aspect of their own and their family’s lives.


We promote integrity throughout our personal and professional lives.  Our employees must be honest and trustworthy and we place a high value on Giving Forward to the communities in which we live and work with a variety of volunteer and philanthropic activities.


We focus on our client’s challenges and strive to deliver exceptional services that exceed their expectations through quality work processes, products, communications, operational efficiencies and related value and accountability


We create new opportunities for our clients through the quality of our people, depth of our services, innovative thinking, strategic planning, and entrepreneurship.


We are stewards of sustainability and place great value on preserving the land, water and our energy resources.  We promote revitalization and conservation through our own operations, proactive actions by our employees at work and at home, and sustainable project solutions to our clients.

Financial Success

We continually bring value-added solutions to our diverse client base, thereby providing revenue growth opportunities.  Internally, we must efficiently utilize every resource within a culture that attracts and retains motivated people who can develop, implement or assist in profitable project management.