Hull is committed to maintaining a culture that values the health and safety of its employees, clients, teaming partners, the public and our environment. An established Health and Safety Program is essential to preserve this core value. Hull’s Health and Safety Program is integrated into every phase of our business and is enforced proactively and consistently throughout the organization.

We adhere to this mandate by providing frequent and up-to-date training; routinely communicating safety alerts and close calls, and implementing safety best practices at all levels of our company.  Check out our recent PeopleSafe bulletin below!

All personnel are responsible and accountable to observe the rules and procedures in this Program and to demonstrate continuous awareness and personal ownership for health and safety. It is paramount that all our employees, their families, and our clients and friends remain safe at work and at home.  One goal…no one gets hurt.

Our latest PeopleSafe bulletin for 2021 focuses on Staying Sage during Wintertime Roadside Emergencies, which is certainly relevant for this time of year!  Stay Safe!

See the latest Hull PeopleSafe Bulletin

Mark Zakrzewski