Health & Wellness

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment through training, communication, incentives and wellness programs.

Hull supports our employees in their quest to make health-conscious decisions within their daily routine. We make it easier by taking care of the little details. For example, we provide bowls of fresh fruit in our offices and select healthy food from caterers for meetings and events. Though our offices vary in size, we also keep our kitchens stocked with dishes and utensils to encourage employees to pack or conveniently prepare breakfast and lunch on-site and in most cases, have a nice community dining area for eating and events. This practice also provides environmental benefits and reduces waste.

Most of our offices provide fitness areas and if those facilities are not available, we have negotiated partnerships with local fitness facilities to offer discounts to employees. In addition, we encourage wellness events like healthy potlucks and 30-day health challenges within our offices.

At Hull, we are constantly striving to develop a better Health & Wellness Program for our team and this commitment is in the form of a Wellness Rewards program. Hull provides free biometric screening for employees and their spouses who are on the Hull medical plan. This includes annual physicals and/or biometric screening in conjunction with an online health assessment. The health assessment provides each person with a confidential, personalized plan to help improve or maintain their health.

These programs and our overall commitment to personal health and wellness provide significant benefits to our employees in supporting them on their health journey.

April Kozubal