Hull makes ENR Top 200 Environmental List

Hull & Associates are proud to be listed in this year’s ENR Top 200 Environmental Firms list and being the subject of a focus story on Hull’s recent investment from RTC Partners and the leadership additions of Gerry Salontai as CEO and Pat Sheridan as CFO. Here is a link to the subscription based story:


RTC Partners Completes Investment in Hull & Associates

Round Table Capital Partners (RTC), a New York based private equity firm, announced today that it has completed an investment in Hull & Associates, a premier environmental and engineering consulting firm specializing in the Environment, Energy, and Infrastructure markets in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. 

Founded in 1980, Hull is a diversified engineering consulting firm with deep sector expertise in site assessment & remediation, brownfield redevelopment, waste management & beneficial use, water / wastewater, renewable energy, infrastructure design, and other services for commercial and industrial clients, oil & gas companies, public utilities, municipal and government agencies. The Company serves over 500 active clients across eight offices in the United States. “RTC’s partnership with Hull will allow great growth opportunities for our employees,” said Craig Kasper, CEO of Hull who will take on the role of Executive Vice President. “The investment in Hull as a platform will allow inorganic and organic growth to serve our clients on a national stage,” Kasper added.

The investment in Hull marks the launch of a new platform for RTC. “We are excited to complete this transaction with such a strong and diverse firm and look forward to partnering with the management team at Hull to launch our strategy,” said Christopher Lee, Managing Partner at RTC. “Their stellar reputation in the market and strong business and operational acumen will serve as a vital foundation for building a nationwide leader in the industry.”

RTC’s Environmental platform will be led by CEO Gerry Salontai. Gerry brings significant industry experience that includes more than ten years as Chairman of the Board and CEO of The Kleinfelder Group, where he led the growth of the company from $70 million to $300+ million in annual revenues during his tenure. “Hull is an exceptional company with great leadership in a highly fragmented industry with increasing tailwinds,” said Mr. Salontai, “we are dedicated to building on their history of success through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions.”

Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, P.C. acted as legal counsel, and BDO USA, LLP acted as financial and tax advisor on behalf of RTC Partners and its affiliates. Hull would like to thank Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP, Rea & Associates and Huntington National Bank for their valuable support.

RTC Partners is a private equity firm that focuses on investing in and building strong businesses with committed management teams in the professional, business, and healthcare services industries. The firm’s dedicated emphasis on human capital, combined with its thoughtful approach to both organic and inorganic opportunities, allows organizations to unlock the next stage of growth while enabling sustainable and long-term value creation for all stakeholders. RTC is actively seeking additional platform and add-on acquisitions in its targeted markets.

Contact your Hull Project Manager or John Szymanski for further information from Hull and Tony Brindisi at RTC Partners for information on RTC.

See the Press Release

John Hull appointed to U.S. EPA Great Lakes Advisory Board!

Hull & Associates is proud to announce that company founder, John Hull, has been appointed to serve on the Great Lakes Advisory Board (GLAB). GLAB is a U.S. EPA federal advisory committee that provides advice and recommendations on matters related to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. John has been involved with the protection and restoration of Lake Erie and its tributaries for over 40 years through efforts related to water quality improvements, nutrient reduction, sediment management, wetland restoration, and coastal engineering. Congratulations John!

Read the official press release HERE


COVID-19 Hull Safe Office Protocols

This summary of required protocols and guidelines have been established to facilitate the safe reopening of our offices.  The complete list has been provided to Hull employees by HR on May 1st, 2020.  We are still under a stay at home order until May 29, 2020. The only change is that essential businesses such as ours are now allowed to go back to their offices with specific protocols in place.  Please see the information as we continue to manage the effects of the COVIN-19 pandemic for the safety of our employees and associates.

Our goal is to keep our employees safe from highly contagious viruses such as COVID-19.

These protocols and guidelines are in line with governmental requirements and best practices as they exist at the time of this policy.  They must be followed.


We are still under a stay at home order until May 29, 2020. The only change is that essential businesses such as ours are now allowed to go back to their offices with specific protocols in place.

Face Coverings

  • Cloth face coverings are required to be worn when you are not in your workspace. These must cover your nose, mouth, and chin.
    • Includes all common areas such as hallways, conference rooms (unless you are alone), kitchens/breakrooms, warehouse/equipment rooms, and restrooms.
    • If someone stops by your workspace to talk to you, both of you should wear a face covering.
  • On job sites, you are required to wear a face covering unless you are working alone away from the public, have a documented medical condition, or hazard identified in your JSA (high heat, noisy environment, security concerns).
    • Field teams do not have to wear face coverings outside if they are not in general population and can stay 6 feet or more apart from one another.
    • Mark will provide you with a memo that states when you are allowed to not wear a face covering. However, you should always have one with you.
  • Face coverings should be clean each morning. If disposable, use a new one each day, if cloth, make sure it is laundered from the last use.
  • All appropriate hygiene practices should be followed.
    • Minimize how often you touch your face or face covering and use hand washing and/or sanitizers regularly.
    • Sneeze or cough into your elbow, tissue or cloth covering and then clean your hands.

Daily Sanitizing

Ideally this is done each evening by a third-party cleaning crew.  However, it is everyone’s individual responsibility to clean what they touch throughout the day.

Best practice would be to use a sanitizing wipe, paper towel or handkerchief when you touch common areas.  Wash your hands for 20 seconds on a regular basis.

At a minimum, common touch areas to be sanitized are:

Front and rear office door handles (both sides of door)
Conference room door handles
Security system keypads
Light switches
Reception desktop
Copier buttons, touch screens and handles
Kitchen counter and tables
Coffee pot handles and coffee maker controls
Kitchen sink and faucet
Microwave and dishwasher controls and handles
Refrigerator and kitchen cabinet handles
Restroom surfaces such as water faucets and door handles


Until otherwise communicated, there will be no meetings held in HULL offices with external clients or vendors.

However, we still have third party individuals who will need to access our offices and be required to sign in and complete the health assessments, even if a HULL representative is not available.

These include:

  • Cleaning crews (OMs communicate to landlord or service directly)
  • Mail/package delivery
  • Building maintenance
  • Repair technicians

If you order food to be delivered to the office, you must meet them outside the office doors.  Food delivery personnel are not permitted to enter our office space.

  • Signs will be posted on the conference room doors specifying the maximum occupancy for physical distancing purposes.
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes/spray and paper towels will be provided in the conference rooms, where available.
  • If possible, the meeting room’s HVAC fan/heat/air should be turned on to increase room ventilation.
  • Post meeting cleaning: wipe down tabletop, chair arms, light switches, remote controls, cables and any other objects touched during the meetings.
  • Smaller conference rooms may be restricted to one person. The person that uses that space is responsible for cleaning when they are done.

 Conference Rooms

  • Signs will be posted on the conference room doors specifying the maximum occupancy for physical distancing purposes.
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes/spray and paper towels will be provided in the conference rooms, where available.
  • If possible, the meeting room’s HVAC fan/heat/air should be turned on to increase room ventilation.
  • Post meeting cleaning: wipe down tabletop, chair arms, light switches, remote controls, cables and any other objects touched during the meetings.
  • Smaller conference rooms may be restricted to one person. The person that uses that space is responsible for cleaning when they are done.

 Office Workspaces and Foot Traffic

  • OM’s are keeping track of who is in the office to ensure they maximize physical distancing. As more people decide to return to the office you may find your workspace is temporarily or permanently relocated to accommodate this objective.
  • Office personnel should maintain 6 ft. physical distancing while walking through the office. This may include restricting traffic to one way in certain high traffic areas.  Signs will be posted as needed in areas that may be of concern, based on office occupancy.


  • Hand sanitizer must be provided in all work rooms.
  • Employees must use the sanitizer prior to touching any equipment, if they touch their face, and as soon as they are done using equipment. If no sanitizer is available, wash hands before and after using equipment.
  • Only touch what is absolutely necessary.
  • Limit the use of printing and paper to control the number of times you need to use copiers and other workroom items.


  • Complete your required health assessment Monday – Friday. Enter date range if you are on PTO.
  • When you leave a space, clean it. Soap and water work extremely well or you can carry a sanitizing wipe with you.
  • Due to supply shortages, you should bring sanitizing wipes from home. You will be reimbursed.
    • When you replace what you bring to the office, turn in your receipt on your expenses.
  • If you intend to change your work from home status even partially, notify your OM first. They may need to reconfigure spacing.
  • Continue to set up meetings as virtual meetings, even when in the office. Use video to show your faces as much as possible.
    • We are looking for a solution for those of you without webcams on your laptops.
  • Be inclusive of those who are still working from home and make sure to reach out as you would if they were in the office.
  • Make the OM aware if supplies are running low or if others are not following the protocols.
  • Observe and abide by these protocols regardless of your personal position on the existence of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Keep communicating! Let us know how we can help.  Stay Safe!

GIS Services

The use of Geographical Information Systems and the science of geography can provide information for many different uses and is more important than ever for private sector entities and municipalities in understanding the patterns, relationships, and infrastructure to better assess and accommodate growth and future economic development.

Hull can devise any number of turnkey solutions for utilization of GIS technologies. From initial data collection activities, either using our equipment or facilitating the training necessary to enable self-data collection, to the management of the software necessary to provide the capability to display the data, Hull can tailor the level of GIS support to fit your specific requirements.  Contact Rory Kaip, GIS Specialist at
614-362-6989 or

Hull’s GIS Services Support:
• Environmental Site Assessments
• Transportation Studies
• City Management Mapping
• Capital Improvement Maps
• Utility Line Route Development
• Fiber-Optic Route Development
• Pipeline Route Development
• Ecological Surveys
• Wetland Delineations
• Aquifer Mapping
• Contamination Mapping
• Hazardous Materials Spill Mapping
• Zoning and Opportunity
Zone Mapping
• Karst Mapping
• Pre-Construction Site Mapping
• All Aspects of
Infrastructure Mapping

Property Condition Assessments

Hull’s extensive due diligence expertise includes Property Condition Assessment services that comply with ASTM E-2018-15 requirements.  These include field work, building evaluations, building systems evaluations, interior evaluations, site improvements and regulatory compliance.

For additional protection, Hull can provide further Hull Property Condition Assessment due diligence support with Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments conforming to ASTM-E1527-13 standards along with our in-house Survey, Drone and GIS services.

Contact Lindsay Crow at 216-505-7714 or



20th Anniversary Memorial Charity Golf Outing Update


I hope this email finds all of you healthy and safe during these difficult times.  I never would have guessed I would be working for a virtual company so quickly while keeping our employees and their families safe and weathering the economy.  First, I am hopeful you are adjusting to these disruptions and please let us know if there is anything Hull can do to help.

Second, it is with extreme regret that we are cancelling the 20th anniversary of our Memorial Charity Golf Outing.  We know the Memorial PGA Tournament is being moved to later in the summer, but we don’t believe we can put on our event this year that meets the expectations of all of you who so generously contribute and participate.  Our apologies to Recreation Unlimited and Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the beneficiaries of our event.

We will be back ever stronger and look forward to seeing you at our 20th anniversary event in 2021.

Be Safe,

Craig Kasper


Hull COVID-19 Corporate Update

Commitment to safety has always been a core value at Hull and the uncharted circumstances we are facing are no different. We value the safety and health of our employees, clients, vendors and contractors. We will continue to closely monitor the information and updates available on the spread of the COVID-19 virus and take further action accordingly.

We have implemented the safety protocols recommended by the CDC to reduce the spread of the virus in our community as well as our offices. We want to ensure that through this we will partner with you to make the best decision in any given circumstance to protect the health and well-being of all involved.

You may find our employees reaching out to convert in-person meetings to teleconferences and we ask that we work together to make those changes together. Our IT department is available to help make those experiences run as smoothly as possible.

We are focused on meeting the needs of our clients through this event, while making sure we all remain healthy. We are minimizing non-essential travel and in-person meetings but feel our technology will allow us to continue to conduct business.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the project manager you are working with or our Health and Safety Officer, Mark Zakrzewski at

Thank you and know we value your partnership! We wish you and your families good health.

– Craig Kasper, CEO

JobsOhio Introduces Ohio Site Inventory Program

JobsOhio recently introduced its Ohio Site Inventory Program that will offer $50 million annually over the next five years to prepare speculative sites/building development projects. The $250 million program will run through 2024 and will be distributed through loans, grants, and direct vendor/consultant payments.

JobsOhio anticipates issuing grants up to $2 million and could structure a grant/loan combination for up to $5 million. Funding is available for up to 50% of the total project costs; the cost-share must be incurred following the agreement effective date. Eligible activities include demolition, lead-based paint and asbestos abatement, remediation, site preparation, building renovation or new building construction, and new or updated infrastructure. Building or land acquisition may be considered eligible for partial funding. Eligible applicants are local governments, port authorities, non-profits, businesses, and developers.

Hull has experience with the pilot phase of this program and can provide important support to applicants and team members. Hull has more than 40 years of experience transforming brownfields and under-utilized properties into viable assets. We have worked closely with clients to assist with speculative site planning and development. We can assist with preparing funding applications; Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (ESAs); remedial planning and oversight; ecological surveys; rare, threatened and endangered species studies; geotechnical investigations; surveys; utility and infrastructure studies and extension/improvement plans; and site development plans and improvement oversight.