Hull’s Environmental capabilities encompass a broad spectrum as we have evolved with the industry and the world in which we live. We provide efficient environmental management and cost savings through creative partnerships, value engineering, state-of-the-art technologies and informed regulatory strategies.


  • Phase I and Phase II Site Assessments
  • Human Health Risk Assessments
  • Superfund Site Management
  • RCRA Site Management
  • Underground Storage Tank Program Management
  • Rapid Response Consulting
  • Remediation System Design
  • Sediment Investigations
  • SPCC/PPC/Response Plan Preparation
  • Secondary Containment System Design
  • Demolition Support
  • Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Vapor Intrusion Investigation and Remediation
  • Due diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions

Steve Gross, CPG, CP


  • Surface Water Delineations
  • Wetland Functional Assessments
  • Perennial Flow Determinations
  • Surface Water Quality Investigations
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
  • Stream and Wetland Restoration Design
  • Stream and Wetland Mitigation Banking
  • Section 401/404 and Nationwide Permitting
  • Coastal Wetland Engineering and Restoration Design
  • Ecological Risk Assessments
  • Urban Forestry Assessments
  • Stream Hydrogeomorphologic Evaluation and Assessments

Brad Petru, MS, PWS, ISA-CA

Landfill Services and Beneficial Use

  • Sanitary Landfill Planning, Design and Permitting
  • Residual Landfill Planning, Design and Permitting
  • Construction and Demolition Debris (C&D) Landfill Planning, Design and Permitting
  • Coal Combustion Residual Management
  • Harvesting from Existing Coal Combustion Product Areas
  • Construction Quality Control / Quality Assurance (QA/QC)
  • Operational Assistance
  • Facility Inspections and Site Audits
  • Closure and Post-Closure Activities
  • Landfill Assessment and Corrective Measures
  • Beneficial Use Studies

Bill Petruzzi, PG

Alternative Energy

  • Alternative Energy Feasibility Studies
  • Wind Energy Generation Facility Site Engineering and Permitting
  • Solar Energy Generation Facility Site Engineering and Permitting
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Landfill Gas to Energy

Steve Giles