GIS Services

May 7, 2020

The use of Geographical Information Systems and the science of geography can provide information for many different uses and is more important than ever for private sector entities and municipalities in understanding the patterns, relationships, and infrastructure to better assess and accommodate growth and future economic development.

Hull can devise any number of turnkey solutions for utilization of GIS technologies. From initial data collection activities, either using our equipment or facilitating the training necessary to enable self-data collection, to the management of the software necessary to provide the capability to display the data, Hull can tailor the level of GIS support to fit your specific requirements.  Contact Rory Kaip, GIS Specialist at
614-362-6989 or

Hull’s GIS Services Support:
• Environmental Site Assessments
• Transportation Studies
• City Management Mapping
• Capital Improvement Maps
• Utility Line Route Development
• Fiber-Optic Route Development
• Pipeline Route Development
• Ecological Surveys
• Wetland Delineations
• Aquifer Mapping
• Contamination Mapping
• Hazardous Materials Spill Mapping
• Zoning and Opportunity
Zone Mapping
• Karst Mapping
• Pre-Construction Site Mapping
• All Aspects of
Infrastructure Mapping


Media Contact

John Szymanski