Hull is recognized by ACEC Ohio

March 18, 2020

Hull & Associates had two of their recent projects recognized with ACEC Ohio Honor Awards at the ACEC Ohio Excellence in Engineering Awards Ceremony held at the Bridgewater Conference Center in Powell, Ohio. Over 32 projects were entered for award consideration by an esteemed panel of judges highlighting projects in 12 categories including Environmental, Building/Technology Systems, Waste & Storm Water, Transportation, Special Projects, Energy, Structural Services and more.
Two key projects were entered by Hull; the Great Lakes Dredged Material Center for Innovation in conjunction with the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority and the Faith Ranch Mitigation Bank project with Ecosystem Investment Partners.
The Great Lakes Dredged Material Center for Innovation project was the result of a need for a new solution for dredged materials from the Toledo Harbor on Lake Erie. The Toledo Harbor is dredged annually by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to maintain the federal navigational channel for deep-draft commercial vessels. With new legislation from the State of Ohio banning the practice of open-lake placement of dredged materials by July 1, 2020, a renewed emphasis on long-term solutions for material management. The project involved collaboration between Hull and the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, The State of Ohio, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the contractor, Geo. Gradel Company with a collective goal of developing new procedures to provide long term beneficial solution for the new challenges for the disposition of the dredged materials and establishing the long term suitability of the materials for agricultural use. 
Hull & Associates was contracted to undertake the largest stream and wetland restoration mitigation bank project ever built in Ohio. Ecosystem Investment Partners secured a lease on Faith Ranch, a 4200-acre private Christian outdoor recreation center and retreat located in northern Harrison County, Ohio. The site includes two specific areas, the Tuscarawas and Upper Ohio that collectively comprise 36 wetland areas and 48 stream segments comprising 43 streams located in Harrison County, Ohio. The larger benefit realized as a result of this watershed scale mitigation project is through the sale of mitigation credits to companies who must offset their unavoidable environmental impacts in the areas of transportation, real estate development, energy, public infrastructure and mining, thereby providing a significant environmental benefit to society in general, as these mitigation properties are restored and permanently protected. 
In attendance at the ACEC Ohio Excellence in Engineering Awards event were Eric Koch, Anna Thompson and Conner Smith. Duplicate ACEC Honor Awards are on display in the Toledo and Dublin Hull offices and the actual Awards have been sent to the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority in Toledo and Ecosystem Investment Partners in Baltimore.


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