Brownfield Redevelopment

Hull has more than 30 years of experience in brownfield redevelopment, transforming undervalued properties into viable assets.

We are recognized industry experts in brownfields redevelopment, having served as a key author in Ohio’s first brownfield regulatory program and helped clients obtain over $180 million in funding on hundreds of brownfield properties across the United States including former automotive and first-tier supplier facility redevelopments. We leverage our expertise in remediation, engineering, and energy to increase the return on redevelopment investments. In fact, Hull has ownership interest in several brownfields projects and even built a Hull office and solar array on a brownfield site we have revitalized. The result is increased jobs, tax revenues, property values, and real estate development opportunities for the entire community.

  • Helped clients secure more than $180 million in state and federal grants and loans
  • Prepared over 60 successful USEPA brownfield grant applications
  • Served as one of the key authors of Ohio’s first brownfields regulatory program
  • Completed 84 No Further Action Letters, 75 Covenants Not to Sue and 30 Urban Setting Designations for projects in Ohio
  • Liability Analysis and Probabilistic Cost Modeling
  • Site searches using GIS

Brad White, PhD