Merger and Acquisition Support

Hull understands the land and property development business and in support of this, we offer Merger and Acquisition support in many formats.

Hull performs portfolio reviews of environmental liabilities related to mergers and acquisitions including the analysis of technical and financial data to evaluate long term costs using probabilistic cost modeling.

Our expertise applies to all types of land development including acquisition services, demolition and remediation services, planning and liability transfer services. In support of these disciplines and uniquely in the business, Hull can support your needs through consulting to becoming a development partner, including direct investment and/or liability transfer. Hull knows this sector of the business and can offer advanced solutions to this area.

  • Glass Manufacturing Company – Merger and Acquisition

    Tennessee, Oklahoma, Michigan + Mexico

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  • Due diligence, Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Site inspection and regulatory compliance audits
  • Liability Analysis and Probabilistic Cost Modeling
  • Regulatory strategy development and pre-acquisition agency negotiation
  • Liability transfer support including assistance with covenants, insurance, comfort letters, etc.

Doug Stuart, CHMM