Rapid Response Consulting

Hull is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to provide rapid response consulting services when spills occur.

Hull continues to provide a full complement of Rapid Response consulting services to our clients during these unprecedented times.  Spill incidents can happen anytime, and we are here to help.  Hull’s expert team can apply our training and experience to support you with all facets of an accidental spill.  

Hull continues to provide field and other services to our clients under the guidance provided by the State of Ohio and the other states in which we work.  Our field personnel have been trained in proper decontamination procedures and use of personal protection equipment, to mitigate exposure and the spread of COVID-19.

Contact your Project Manager at Hull or Tim Lois at 412-527-9646 for further information.


  • Well Control Event

    Southern Texas

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  • Crude Oil Pipeline Release – Rapid Response

    Southwest, OH

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  • Petroleum Refiner Dock Pipeline Release – Rapid Response

    Toledo, OH

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  • Eight-Inch Gasoline Pipeline Release – Rapid Response

    Lorain County, OH

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  • On-site project management and contractor coordination
  • Health and safety plans
  • Spill mitigation control
  • Waste management and disposal coordination
  • Sample media collection and monitoring
  • State/Federal Agency communication, coordination, negotiation
  • Agency reporting, data acquisition and retention
  • Boom placement oversight and direction
  • Interim remedial system design, installation and operation
  • Daily spill activity reports
  • Site characterization and remediation
  • Ecological studies
  • Incident investigations
  • sUAV Drone capabilities including initial and comparative imaging
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment

Contact: Tim Lois