Geotechnical Engineering

Hull’s diverse team of engineers, hydrogeologists, soil scientists and technicians provides geotechnical services for a wide range of projects across our market areas.

Our long history in landfill design and construction established Hull as a leader in earthwork construction, low permeability barrier systems, bearing capacity and settlement analysis and slope stability. We now apply these same skills to many types of earthen structures including dams, impoundments, earth retaining systems, and Oil & Gas facilities in Appalachia. Our services include subsurface explorations, laboratory testing, geohazards analysis, and geotechnical evaluations and design for new construction or repairs.

Our geotechnical team is also a crucial part of our brownfields, sediment management and beneficial use focus areas, helping to evaluate geotechnical properties of various materials and mixtures for different types of uses. Our creative approach to material uses sets us apart from the competition.

  • 48-Mile ORV Condensate Pipeline Construction Project

    Multiple Counties, OH

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  • Howard Marsh Metropark

    Lucas County, OH

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  • Grand River Streambank Restoration

    Lake County, OH

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  • Scioto River Levee

    Village of South Bloomfield, Pickaway County, OH

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  • Dams, Levees, and Reservoir Design and Seepage Analysis
  • Geosynthetic Design for Containment and Remediation Applications
  • Geohazard Evaluations and Slope Stability Design
  • Sediment Management and Coastal Engineering
  • Stream Bank Stabilization
  • Hydrogeologic Investigations and Subsurface Characterizations
  • Geotechnical Explorations for Transportations and Infrastructure
  • Ground Modification Treatments
  • Earth Retaining Systems
  • Landfill Subsurface Stability for Waste Containment Facilities
  • Soil Borrow Source Investigations
  • Beneficial Use

AJ Smith, PE