Hull offers a wide array of bridge, roadway and traffic engineering services for state and local government and private-sector clients.

Hull can deliver streetscape design, highway and street improvements, interchanges and complex geometrics, design/build, preliminary engineering/feasibility studies, safety upgrades, and much more.

We are prequalified with for Level 1 and Level 2 Bridge Design. Our experience in bridge design includes type studies, standard ODOT design of simple and complex structures, river crossings, trusses, and unique and signature structures with attention to aesthetics. Hull also has experience in bridge rehabilitation including steel beams and girders, concrete arch, steel truss, and timber truss covered bridges. Many of these rehabilitations were on historic structures requiring special attention to existing structure character, details and construction methods. We also can provide Level 1 Bridge inspection. Our engineers have provided in-depth inspections of major bridges, including steel and concrete girder, open spandrel and earth filled concrete arch, steel arch, lift and bascule, through and deck trusses, suspension, and railroad bridges.

Traffic Engineering is integral to transportation design and is increasingly necessary for communities of all sizes. Hull offers studies and traffic projections to create sustainable design for your roadway improvements and upgrades.  We assisted a client with the creation of its Access Management Policy and it is now being used as a statewide model in Ohio.

  • East South Street Bridge Replacement

    Belmont County, OH

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  • OTIC Bridge Rehabilitation and Widening

    Mahoning County, OH

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  • Clark Street Improvements – Roadway

    Cambridge, OH

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  • Smothers & Harlem Road Roundabout – Traffic Study & Intersection Improvements

    Delaware County, OH

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  • Mount Vernon Road Improvements – Roadway Infrastructure

    Newark, OH

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  • San Toy & Barkhurst Covered Bridge Rehab

    Morgan County, OH

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  • Bicycle Facilities & Enhancement Design
  • Roadway – Non-complex Roadway Design/Complex Roadway Design
  • Interchange Justification/Modification Study
  • Safety Study
  • Right of Way Plan Development – Limited Complex
  • Bridge Design Level 1
  • Bridge Design Level 2
  • Bridge Inspection – Level 1 Bridge Inspection
  • Traffic Signal Design – Basic Traffic Signal Design
  • Roundabout Analysis and Design
  • Environmental Services – Environmental Document Preparation – CE
  • Environmental Services – Ecological Surveys
  • Corridor Studies
  • Funding Applications

Jim Roberts, PE