NPDES Small MS4 General Permit Coverage Renewal Due by July 1st!

April 15, 2021

Hull Can Help with your MS4 Permit Renewal Requirements

All qualifying municipalities must now submit an updated Notice of Intent (NOI) application along with an updated Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) to renew their coverage. If you do not submit your NOI or Co-Permittee NOI to renew coverage by July 1, 2021, your existing coverage will automatically terminate.

The good news is… Hull can help!

Hull’s professionals are ready to assist you in completing the NOI application, Stormwater Management Program (SWMP), and any other steps of the process where assistance may be needed. Our team has created SWMPs and Annual Reports for municipalities ever since this phase of the program was enacted, and our efforts have always been accepted and approved by OEPA.

About NPDES MS4:

Small-medium cities and villages located within larger urban areas were entered into the NPDES program and required to obtain a permit and submit annual reports several years ago. The MS4 Program is in place to help improve water quality that has historically been negatively impacted by discharge into public waterways and is part of the Clean Water Act. Small MS4s have been working with this program ever since, but the current renewal is requiring some new and additional efforts.

For more information on how Hull can be of service, contact Jim Roberts, P.E., Vice President, at or 740-344-5451.


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