APEG Site Readiness Grant Program

Southeast Ohio

In late 2016, Hull was selected as the lead consulting firm for the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth’s (APEG) initial Site Readiness Grant Program.

This program was designed as a means for local municipalities to further prepare potential sites for development and acceptance in the Site Certification Program.  Hull worked on eight sites within six different counties to enhance their readiness for the Job Ready Sites program.  Services included site plan development, sewer flow studies, preliminary engineering, environmental site assessments, wetland determinations and delineations, and geotechnical studies.  Hull worked with sub-consultant Lawhon & Associates to perform archaeological studies.

APEG had a need to develop and implement this program in a very short timeframe.  Since this was the first time APEG performed this project, there was no process in place.  Hull stepped in to help APEG define the program process and goals and then performed the services that were needed.  Hull worked closely with each of the applicants to address their individual needs in a way that maximized the impact of the available funds.  Hull also assisted APEG in managing the program and overseeing the use of the funds.

To meet the time sensitivity and demands of the grant process, Hull allocated resources directly to these projects as a top priority.  As a result of Hull’s work in making this initial program a success, APEG decided to continue the program on an annual basis, and Hull was again selected as the lead consultant for the 2017 program.

Project Features

  • Land Development
  • Geotechnical
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Water and Wastewater

Jim Roberts, PE