Caraustar-Rittman Paperboard Risk Assessment

Rittman, OH

In 2013, Urban Renewables II, LLC (URII) purchased the former Caraustar-Rittman Paperboard facility in Rittman, Ohio with the intention of returning 300 acres of non-utilized industrial real estate to productive use as an industrial park. Now, the project has received funding for the construction of a 175 acre nature park with trails, ADA access, ponds and bike paths.  

A considerable amount of work was needed to address environmental concerns at the property and to prepare it for redevelopment, including demolition of buildings, removal of waste materials, soil remediation, and cutting, filling and grading the site.

The assessment of the twelve non-hazardous substances posed a unique problem at the site.  Since the VAP provided neither clean-up standards for non-hazardous substances nor a framework for assessing them, Hull needed to develop a framework for evaluating the non-hazardous substances and achieving compliance with the Groundwater Adverse Effects Standards (GAES) established by Ohio EPA.

Sampling and analysis were conducted for soil, the upper and lower groundwater zones, sediment and surface water from the former treatment lagoons and borrow ponds, surface water from River Styx surface water and leachate from the landfill, so that concentrations of the non-hazardous substances at each location could be evaluated.

Hull prepared an Adverse Effects Compliance Report (AECR) which demonstrated compliance with the GAES through a combination of quantitative, semi-quantitative and qualitative evaluations.  The AECR was submitted to Ohio EPA for review under Technical Assistance (TA).


Project Features

  • Risk and Liability Assessment
  • Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Site Conceptual Modeling
  • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

Ed Pfau, MS