City of Greenville Landfill

Darke County, OH

Hull teamed with the City of Greenville to successfully complete site improvement activities at a 30-acre site utilized as a municipal solid waste landfill.

The landfill began operations in the 1950’s and closed in 1989.  Bridge Creek, a regulated waterway designated as warm water habitat by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), bisected the landfill into two distinct units.  The local health department and Ohio EPA identified that significant erosion was continuing to occur on the stream banks and cutting into apparent fill materials.  Upstream engineering controlled the stream morphology and fill in the stream was responsible for the erosion.

Hull designed, permitted, and implemented the improvement activities to remove fill material from the creek protrusion, stabilized the landfill slope, restored the embankment, enhanced the creek habitat and minimized future erosion.

The innovative and practical approach by Hull of a multi-layer design allowed for the re-establishment of the landfill cap while providing for bank/slope protection for high flow conditions in the creek bed.  In lieu of decreasing the slope and installing terraces, which would have required substantial materials management and possibly a permit, AquaBlok® was placed upon the relatively steep slope inside an eight-inch thick geocell on the northwest bank until the rip-rap and concrete matting could be installed. The project was completed within budget and on schedule.

Project Features

  • Waste Management
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Water Resources
  • Construction Services
  • Municipal Engineering
  • AquaBlok

Angela Gerdeman, PE