Crude Oil Pipeline Release – Rapid Response

Southwest, OH

In March of 2014, Hull responded to an early morning call to provide rapid response consulting services to a pipeline company when a twenty-inch diameter pipeline ruptured, releasing approximately 450 barrels of sweet crude oil.

The release occurred at a stream crossing in a nature preserve, and resulted in approximately 1-mile of an interstitial un-named stream and roadside pond being significantly impacted.

Initial response activities by Hull focused on containment, recovery and remediation of the released crude oil, as well as ensuring the safety of responders and the surrounding community.  Hull established and maintained a 24/7 presence with approximately 20 employees alternating on 12-hour shifts in accordance with Hull’s fatigue management plan.

Field activities included development and implementation of community and worker safety air monitoring programs, source control including directing boom placement and collection locations, design and installation of a high capacity underflow dam, surface water and sediment monitoring and sampling, waste profiling, management, and tracking, completion of numerous ecological assessments, designing and implementing a hydrogeologic investigation, and assisting with wildlife monitoring and collection.

Concurrent with the field activities, Hull personnel worked around the clock, providing back office support by assisting the client’s in-house counsel with agency negotiations, development of sampling and analysis plans, and data QA/QC.  24/7 operations and extended shift work in the field lasted approximately one month.

Project Features

  • Rapid Response
  • Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Regulatory and Permitting
  • Ecological Assessment

Tim Lois