Dawes Arboretum ADA Trail

Licking County, OH

The purpose and intent of this project was to replace the existing gravel trail with an accessible paved trail, while providing protection and minimizing impacts to the existing trees, plantings and buildings.

Access to the trail includes connecting to the Dawes Lake parking lot and picnic area in the flowering shrubs section and connecting to the visitors’ center parking lot near the main shelter house.

The trail is located in the woodlands area and starts at the main shelter house.  The new path travels through the woods, past the log cabin, and into the flowering shrubs section of the Dawes Lake area.  Construction equipment and procedures were limited significantly to prevent damage to the existing trees and plantings.

Hull provided engineering, survey and trail design in executing this sensitive project that required planning and care to prevent impacting the existing plant portfolio in the arboretum.

Project Features

  • Trail Design
  • Surveying
  • Civil Engineering


Jim Roberts, PE