Eight-Inch Gasoline Pipeline Release – Rapid Response

Lorain County, OH

Hull responded to a release of approximately 100,000 gallons of gasoline from an eight-inch pipeline.

The gasoline was released from the buried pipeline to an open field and migrated across the ground surface where it entered a nearby ditch.  Approximately one mile of the ditch was impacted by the released gasoline.

Initial response activities by Hull focused on the containment, recovery, remediation of the released gasoline, as well as insuring the safety of responders and the surrounding community.  These activities included excavation of source area soil, construction of underflow dams and other containment structures, directing boom placement and inspections, designing, installing and maintaining in-creek air sparging systems, and community air monitoring.  During this phase of the response, Hull maintained 24/7 operations for approximately two weeks.

In addition, Hull provided engineering and ecological services to assess and develop a remedial strategy to address the affected waterway.  An ecological assessment was made by Hull personnel to characterize the impacts on wildlife in the ditch, as well as document areas of the ditch where sheening was present in an effort to prioritize remedial efforts in areas most impacted.  As a result of these detailed assessments, ecological evaluations, and negotiations with US and Ohio EPA, Hull was able to significantly reduce the area requiring physical removal of impacted sediments; thus allowing for implementation of a monitored natural attenuation program to address over 60% of the residual impacts in the ditch.

Project Features

  • Rapid Response
  • Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Ecological Assessment

Tim Lois