EVSE* Technology Testing with AEP

Columbus, OH

Hull worked closely with AEP for a pilot test program for demand response capabilities with smart electric vehicle chargers.  

AEP tested level 2 chargers with residential participants in the Columbus area to determine if delayed or interrupted charging will enable the utilities understand charging patterns and better manage this peak demand.  Smart chargers have communications, delayed charging and more importantly, demand response capabilities.

Hull provided details for proper installation and established the communications with the EVSE to the participant’s smart phones allowing access to the vehicle and charger control status and other charging information and options.

Hull can deliver support for residential and commercial charger installations through initial assessments to identify installation requirements, assist in the permitting and inspection processes, identify preferred electric contractors for installation and provide communications testing and customer training.

*Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Project Features

  • Project Design & Construction
  • Feasibility Analysis & Consulting
  • Regulatory Compliance & Permitting
  • Construction Services – EPC


Mark Bonifas