Former Keil Chemical – Risk-Based Remedy Selection, Design and Implementation

Hammond, IN

The Former Keil Chemical Facility site in Hammond, Indiana is subject to groundwater remediation under the Indiana RISC voluntary program.

Groundwater at the site contains ethylene dichloride (EDC) and its transformation product, vinyl chloride (VC). Hull used a risk-based strategy to limit remedial action objectives to: (1) protection of on-site worker exposure to vapor intrusion in occupied buildings, and (2) protection of off-site ecological receptors in nearby wetlands. Hull developed and gained regulatory agency approval of risk-based cleanup levels to meet these objectives.

Hull also demonstrated that the contaminant plume will not migrate to the off-site wetlands above the standards developed to protect ecological receptors.  This risk-based approach limited the remedy to addressing potential indoor air intrusion of vinyl chloride.  Using this strategy, Hull was able to gain regulatory agency acceptance of a remedy consisting of situ chemical injection and follow up monitoring.   This remedy replaced a previously approved pump and treat remedy, and resulted in approximately $4.3 million in savings (over 50 percent reduction in remedy cost).

Hull has been responsible for supplemental design investigations, risk assessments, agency negotiation, remedy design, remedy contractor oversight, and remedy completion demonstrations.

Project Features

  • Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Risk and Liability Assessment
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Construction Services
  • Regulatory and Permitting

Dave Mustafaga, PG, CPG