Great Lakes Dredged Material Center for Innovation

Toledo, OH

Hull, with our team of highly qualified subcontractors, was hired by the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority (TLCPA) to complete all design, permit preparation, construction specification preparation, construction oversight, and construction project management activities to realize the establishment of the Center for Innovation at a former Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) along the Maumee River in north Toledo.

This project involves three project subsets: (1) Agricultural Field Improvement Area; (2) Edge of Field Filter System; and, (3) Blended Soil Product Production Area.  Work is funded through the Ohio Healthy Lake Erie Fund.  The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and Ohio EPA are co-administering this project, the TLCPA is the grant recipient and Hull’s client, and the City of Toledo owns the property and is an active and essential partner.

Once completed, this innovative sediment management facility will function as a location to accept dredged sediments.  It will demonstrate and analyze the feasibility and implementation of agricultural reuse management options (dewatering, plantings, amendments, etc.),  test and analyze edge of field treatment options and, establish a blended soil product production area with the development of plans and protocols to establish that appropriately prepared dredge material-based blended products are acceptable for unrestricted public and commercial uses.

Project Features

  • Sediment Management
  • Beneficial Use
  • Regulatory and Permitting
  • Construction Services
  • Water and Wastewater

John Hull, PE, BCEE