Indian Run Falls Park

Dublin, OH

Hull provided the City of Dublin’s Park and Open Space Department with ecological, civil and, geotechnical engineering services for this very unique city park.

The goal of this project was to increase pedestrian access to this park’s resources through the creation of a parking area, defined trail, nature overlook, and picnic areas while maintaining the natural environment and protecting the habitat of the creeping rock cress and other sensitive plant species.

By using porous concrete and natural pervious trail surfacing materials, the effective imperviousness of the area and the groundwater recharge patterns were maintained. Because there is no runoff from the pavement, traditional storm water management structures, such as catch basins, pipe, and detention basins were all eliminated.

A 70-foot wood bridge spanning the South Fork Indian Run stream and several wood overlooks was designed to blend into the environment and keep people from damaging the natural areas. A floristic assessment was completed and mapped with GPS, identifying both the creeping rock cress and other important natural features to be preserved.

Project Features

  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Ecology & Wetlands

Mark Bonifas, PE