Kyger Creek Landfill

Addison Township, OH

Hull assisted our client by performing comprehensive hydrogeological and geotechnical investigations, and provided engineering design, permitting, construction planning, and engineering support to develop a new greenfield Class III Residual Waste Landfill in Ohio. 

The projects included performing a final site selection study to assist in determining the most suitable site for development of two previously identified possible sites; performing comprehensive hydrogeological and geotechnical investigations including hydrogeological field investigations, geotechnical laboratory analyses and slope stability and settlement analyses; and preparing the design and permit documents for the main landfill area, as well as a temporary storage area that was needed to provide a disposal area prior to receipt of the final Class III residual waste permit.

Hull prepared documents to assist with construction activities including construction drawings and cost estimates, stormwater pollution prevention plans, and construction drawings.  We also provided engineering support during construction.  Hull performed the design and permitting activities on a fast-track basis and met the client’s stringent schedule needs.


Project Features

  • Site Assessment
  • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Landfill Design
  • Construction Services

Angie Gerdeman, PE