Maumee Bay State Park

Lucas County, OH

Hull worked with the University of Toledo and the Wolf Creek/Berger Ditch Committee (including Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio EPA, Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Lucas County, and the City of Oregon) to identify the causes of high bacteria levels at the Maumee Bay State Park swimming beaches.

The research and plans were completed to better understand the waterways and to evaluate restoration options.

Hull has worked on a pro-bono and paid basis for a number of years with the University of Toledo and other governmental agencies and municipalities on developing this project.

Hull’s expertise in public policy, environmental regulation, engineering and design principals, treatment of surface water contaminants using phytoremediation, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, sampling plans and methods, ecological restoration, and funding added significant value to the team.

Hull completed a Site Reconnaissance and Preliminary Geotechnical Exploration.  The purpose of the subsurface exploration was to 1) obtain general geologic information to the depths of the borings, 2) provide basic information relative to planning for the potential construction and development, and 3) to determine the availability and suitability of on-site soils for wetland construction in accordance with the Quality Assurance Project Plan.

Work on the project has included preliminary wetlands design, engineering design calculations, conceptual layout including grading plans, hydraulic modeling, stormwater management (retention), preliminary specification writing, habitat restoration, sediment and erosion control, creating or using Critical Path Method schedules, and integrating Critical Path Method schedules as a project management resource.

Project Features

  • Ecology and Wetlands
  • Site Assessment
  • Geotechnical Exploration
  • Funding
  • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting
  • Aquatic Habitat Restoration

John Hull, PE, BCEE