Moundsville Gas Fractionation Complex

Moundsville, WV

Hull provided due diligence services for the purchase of a Superfund Site in Moundsville, West Virginia for construction of a fractionation complex.

Hull’s experience as developers of projects on former industrial sites, including Superfund sites, allowed us to expand on typical due diligence efforts by strategic planning and negotiation with the former owner (PRP) and U.S. EPA to obtain agreements and comfort letters and develop an environmental covenant for the property that facilitated purchase and rapid site construction while protecting the client’s liability and minimizing limitations.

Hull coordinated the NEPA review for a 404 nationwide permit for a stream crossing, provided third-party review of the permit application, coordinated a Section 106 cultural resources assessment, and evaluated permitting and engineering requirements for a river barge facility.  Hull managed geotechnical testing for tank foundations, grading plans, flood plain redelineation, slope stability reinforcement, and general construction support.

Hull provided a range of environmental services in support of construction, particularly since the site was formerly a Superfund site.  These services included: soil, water and waste management; air monitoring; monitoring well closures; discolored or odorous soil investigation and disposition; etc.  In support of the construction of gas and liquid pipelines associated with the processing complex, Hull provided environmental permitting and compliance services.

Hull’s experience with development of contaminated property and rapid deployment of resources translated into cost-effective support of construction, including managing contaminated soil and water that may be encountered and implementing activity and use restrictions without limiting or delaying construction plans.

Project Features

  • Site Due Diligence
  • Environmental Liability Transfer
  • Permitting
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Services
  • Air Monitoring
  • Soil Investigations
  • Gathering Line Permitting & Compliance Coordination
  • Stream Crossing-Right of Way Inspection and Documentation
  • Habitat Assessment
  • Permitting
  • Covenant Letters
  • Environmental Services Contact

Dave Mustafaga, PG, CPG