Petroleum Refiner Dock Pipeline Release – Rapid Response

Toledo, OH

A client assigned Hull the lead role in rapid response consulting for an 8-inch Dock Line Release that impacted approximately six miles of waterways with light-cycle oil (LCO).

The release occurred the week before a major Holiday.  Hull response personnel responded within 1-hour of the call and maintained 24/7 operations for over 30-days.

Initial response activities included reconnaissance of approximately 6-miles of stream from the release point to the outfall on the local river, mapping utilities and sewers, determining the subsurface pathway for oil migration off-site, prioritizing areas of concern, and assisting the client with regulatory correspondence.  Hull developed a successful waterways management plan that quickly and effectively controlled the costs associated with the four Oil Spill Removal Organizations (OSRO).  In addition, Hull negotiated on behalf of the client to remove boom locations that were not needed.  Both of these critical observations and corrective actions resulted in significant cost savings to the client.

Hull quickly and efficiently responded to this release, rapidly assessed the situation, identified the pathway for oil migration, installed diversionary and recovery structures to prevent further migration of oil, identified the need for a waterway management plan to reduce unnecessary boom locations and control OSRO costs, as well as successfully negotiated with the regulatory agencies on behalf of the client to reduce cleanup and site characterization costs.

Project Features

  • Rapid Response
  • Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Water and Wastewater Management
  • Regulatory and Permitting

Tim Lois