Rushcreek Boundary Survey

Logan County, OH

This project consisted of a boundary survey of approximately 1600 contiguous acres.  The conservation easement totaled approximately 853 acres in six separate easements.   The property is located within six different original land surveys (Virginia Military Surveys).

Hull retraced the original land tracts and recovered multiple original stone monuments.  The property involved retracing the rights-of-way of two township roads, one State Route, and a railroad right-of-way.  Hull crews were on site for approximately three months for boundary retracement and setting of approximately 145 new pins and NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) sign posts.

Hull through it’s company used the latest in technology and equipment and also utilized a UTV to increase efficiency in navigating the sites.  This project was completed ahead of schedule and with no comments from the client or County Engineer where the surveys were being recorded.

Project Features

  • Surveying

Jeremy Van Ostran