Smothers & Harlem Road Roundabout – Traffic Study & Intersection Improvements

Delaware County, OH

Hull performed a traffic study for the combined intersections of Smothers+Harlem Roads and Harlem+Fancher Roads. 

The study included current year and design year capacity analysis, crash analysis and development of multiple alternatives.  Several stop conditions, signalization, and a roundabout were developed sufficiently using county aerials to provide comparative estimates for construction.  Based on the alternatives development a roundabout was selected as the preferred configuration for the intersection of Smothers and Harlem Roads.

Hull performed the field survey for this project identifying topographic features as well as property lines. The Hull survey department developed Right-of-Way Plans for the project that were approved by ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) and used by the county for acquisition.

Drainage was a considerable challenge for this project. Hull worked with the City of Columbus for this part of the work since the water from the intersection ultimately drains into the Columbus system. This created unique challenges on its own, as Hull mediated the process between Columbus and Delaware County.

Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) was also a major challenge for this project, and Hull was creative in developing a plan that optimized traffic flow and safety during construction.

Hull carried this project from the preliminary study that identified the roundabout as the proper solution, through design and construction quite successfully for Delaware County.

Project Features

  • Infrastructure
  • Surveying
  • Transportation
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Municipal Engineering

Jim Roberts, PE