Union-Mulberry Area – Drainage Study & Improvements

Lancaster, OH

The City of Lancaster experienced a variety of drainage complaints in the Union-Mulberry area for many years. 

After a citizen survey revealed the type, frequency, magnitude, and impact of the drainage problems in the area, the city allocated funds to perform a drainage study to target issues and find possible solutions.  Hull was selected to work with the city and residents to continue to accurately define the problem and recommend feasible solutions.

This project had obstacles such as tight streets and right-of-way, many utility obstacles, limited discharge options, private property drainage issues that were difficult for the city to address, and property uses that have developed over the years that are not conducive to drainage retrofit work.  Hull assisted the city’s staff by producing a study and design alternatives that will solve many of the major drainage issues.

Once the study and recommendations were complete, Hull assisted the city in securing a sizable OEMA/FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant.  Hull then designed the Phase 2 upgrades, which installed a new storm sewer main along Brumfield Road and utilizes Glassco Park as a retention facility during heavier rain events.  The park was lowered and reconstructed.  A pump station and force main were installed to assist in draining the area.  Select streets in the area were also rebuilt as part of the project.

Project Features

  • Municipal Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Funding Assistance
  • Construction Services
  • Stormwater

Scott Haines, PE, CPESC