Upper Sandusky Reservoir – Water Supply Reservoir Expansion

Upper Sandusky, OH

Hull performed the design, site investigations, permitting and administered the construction contract for the 125-acre water-supply reservoir expansion project.

The long-term plan for the reservoir includes recreational components including expanded public access and parking, a bikeway, boating and fishing, picnic areas, and interpretive trails.

The project included hydrogeologic and archaeological investigations, wetland and stream mitigation, drainage tile rerouting analysis and design, a river ecological assessment associated with filling the reservoir, and drinking water and dam permit applications.

The construction involved new reservoir fill and return pipes, a chemical feed building, existing wetland soil stripping and placement over wetland mitigation areas, placement of approximately 450,000 cubic yards of embankment soil, a stormwater pump station and forcemain, and reservoir control structures.

The contract administration will include full-time observation and documentation of the contractor activities, verification of contractor compliance with contract document requirements, and verification of compliance with the wetland, drinking water and dam permits.

Project Features

  • Site Assessment
  • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting
  • Ecology and Wetlands
  • Dam Inspection

John Hull, PE, BCEE