Vrooman Road Bridge Survey

Painesville, OH

Lake County and ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) are in the beginning phase of construction on a 2,000-foot bridge crossing the Grand River in Lake County, OH. 

It was discovered that the proposed bridge abutment encroached on an existing NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) wetland conservation easement.  Hull was tasked to perform a retracement survey on the existing 93-acre easement and exclude the area that is to be impacted by the proposed bridge.  The existing easement did not close mathematically by over 500 feet.  Hull had to determine where the errors were in the existing easement and correct the errors.  Hull was also tasked with performing a survey of a new 7.12-acre easement to replace the impacted easement area.

The existing easement was written in 1998 and did not meet current NRCS standards, therefore Hull was asked to bring the existing easement up to current NRCS standards from marking and signage.  Over 60 NRCS signs were placed on the easement boundaries bringing the old easement up to today’s standard.  New legal descriptions and exhibits were created for both the existing and proposed easement areas.

The original schedule had the survey completed within seven weeks from the initial site meeting.  ODOT asked Hull to reduce schedule to 3 weeks to meet a construction loan requirement.  Hull ran two survey crews on the project and completed the project three days ahead of schedule.

Project Features

  • Surveying

Jeremy Van Ostran